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Rethinking Schools is co-coordinator (along with Teaching for Change) of the Zinn Education Project and the majority of lessons on this website originate in Rethinking Schools publications. Launched in 1986, Rethinking Schools is a nonprofit publisher working for equity and justice in public schools and the broader society.

The latest issue of Rethinking Schools magazine and new Rethinking Schools books are featured below.

Rethinking Schools Magazine

VOLUME 38, NO. 2 – Winter 2023–2024

The winter issue of Rethinking Schools features three articles about social justice in elementary schools.

An early elementary teacher details an engineering unit in which students design a model community — with no police or banks — in which everyone gets what they need. An equity coach describes how elementary teachers she worked with developed a project around the roots of hunger. A former 5th-grade paraprofessional reflects on how racism shaped a student-teacher interaction in a classroom that sought to foster trust, joy, and exploration.

This issue also contains a critique of how textbooks lie about Reconstruction from the Zinn Education Project’s Mimi Eisen. A high school English teacher describes how she encouraged students to disrupt and speak out against rape culture. Both the editorial and a book review probe the ways that war and militarism seep into our schools and what educators can do to confront the U.S. war machine. And so much more!

Rethinking Multicultural Education 3rd Edition

Teaching for Racial and Cultural Justice

Edited by Wayne Au

From book bans, to teacher firings, to racist content standards, the politics of teaching race and culture in schools have shifted dramatically in recent years. This 3rd edition of Rethinking Multicultural Education has been greatly revised and expanded to reflect these changing times, including sections on “Intersectional Identities,” “Anti-Racist Teaching Across the Curriculum,” “Teaching for Black Lives,” and “K-12 Ethnic Studies,” among others. Practical, rich in story, and analytically sharp, Rethinking Multicultural Education can help current and future educators as they seek to bring racial and cultural justice into their own classrooms.

Rethinking Ethnic Studies

Edited by R. Tolteka Cuauhtin, Miguel Zavala, Christine Sleeter, Wayne Au

As part of a growing nationwide movement to bring Ethnic Studies into K–12 classrooms, Rethinking Ethnic Studies brings together many of the leading teachers, activists, and scholars in this movement to offer examples of Ethnic Studies frameworks, classroom practices, and organizing at the school, district, and statewide levels.

The New Teacher Book

Finding purpose, balance, and hope during your first years in the classroom

Edited by Linda Christensen, Stan Karp, Bob Peterson, Moé Yonamine

This expanded third edition of The New Teacher Book grew out of Rethinking Schools workshops with early career teachers. It offers practical guidance on how to flourish in schools and classrooms and connect in meaningful ways with students and families from all cultures and backgrounds.

More books from Rethinking Schools

Rethinking Schools offers a series of books providing practical examples of how to integrate social justice education into social studies, history, language arts, and mathematics. They are used widely by new as well as veteran teachers and in teacher education programs. Every Rethinking Schools book grows out of diverse schools and classrooms throughout the country.

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